Various spike and co.: do it a cappella

As an Independent Security Risk Advisor, there is no affiliation to any product, brand or security service. We have no financial interest in the implementation phase or upgrade of your security - no commission, kickbacks or payment for sales or installation of various products or services is received by the Independent Security Consultant at all. This means you can expect a full Security Risk & Threat Analysis and not a Product Assessment. 

Agile and Lean value facts over speculation. When faced with a question, risk, or uncertainty, Agile Teams  conduct small experiments before moving to implementation, rather than speculate about the outcome or jump to a Solution . Teams may use spikes in a variety of situations:

A century later, in 1494, the Vagabonds and Beggars Act determined that: "Vagabonds, idle and suspected persons shall be set in the stocks for three days and three nights and have none other sustenance but bread and water and then shall be put out of Town. Every beggar suitable to work shall resort to the Hundred where he last dwelled, is best known, or was born and there remain upon the pain aforesaid." Worse was to come — the Statute of Legal Settlement in 1547 enacted that a "sturdy beggar" could be whipped and branded through the right ear with a hot iron, or made a slave for two years — or for life if he absconded. The Act condemned "...foolish pity and mercy" for vagrants. An Act of 1564 aimed to suppress the "roaming beggar" by empowering parish officers to "appoint meet and convenient places for the habitations and abidings" of such classes — one of the first references to what was subsequently to evolve into the workhouse.